Rock River Valley Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club

Our Charter, Keeping the Studebaker Marque Alive
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What is the Black Sheeps Club, it's an extention of the RRVCSDC Club.
Membership Requrements:  None, just join us for breakfast when ever you want. (Friday Morning 8:30 a.m.)
Dues:  None
Rules: None
Location:  Sophia's, 5467 Bridge Street, Roscoe, IL

* RRVCSDC - Rock River Valley Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club                           ** SDC - Studebaker Drivers Club
    Real Bad Black Sheep:  Those who don't own a Studebaker and are not dues paying members of the *RRVCSDC or the **SDC.  However, be warned that Jack will be working hard to change your mind about not belonging to RRVCSDC and the National Studebaker Drivers Club.
Not so Bad Black Sheep:  Others who belong to *RRVCSDC and **SDC, but drive brand "X" cars and trucks.
      Regular Black Sheep:  The guys who join in the breakfast fun and are Stude owners and drivers.
 Crossover Black Sheep:  As you might expect we have crossovers as well, people who drive Stude's and brand "X".
Really though the Black Sheep are just a bunch of guys, who gather once a week on Friday morning to have breakfast and lie a little about old cars.  Wives are welcome and many of the wives are there each week.  Most often, some of the guys and gals, plan during breakfast, a location for dinner out Friday evening.  Anyone is welcome to join in this evening event as well.
Having fun, with fun people, a great way to spend some time on Friday, why not join in the fun.
 The Black Sheep also sponsor the "Sophia's Cruise Nights" during the summer months.