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Upper Mississippi Valley Zone Meet 2010

Hosted by the Big Six River Bend Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club


August 6th, 2010

We started out after breakfast, at Sophia's Black Sheep breakfast event, with Jack and Van Willis leading in their 53 Studebaker, followed by Dave and Dona Neiber in the 60 Lark, then Sharon and Ed in the 57 Silver Hawk, and Fran and Kathy Tremain in their GT Hawk.  Last was Bob and Janice Givins with Jerry and Roseann Johnson bringing up the rear with there 2010 Studebaker Toyota (LOL).

We arrived at LeClaire, Iowa about noon or so and had lunch at Sneaky Pete's and then set out to conquer this little town on the river.  That did not take very long as American Pickers was mostly a bust (other then Dave getting his picture taken with Danielle Colby-Cushman) and not much else was going on here either.
We then headed to Moline to Stoney Creek Inn and the 2010 Zone meet.  After registration and check in, we headed out to view a private collection of drag racing cars and gear.  Then on to Crabby's for dinner (a sports bar that made some of us very crabby).
We meet other members of the Club at these events, including Jim and Nancy Heinsohn, Pete and Betty Bell, Ron and Kathie Bell, Frank and Marcia Drabek, Paul and Linda Wold, Jay and Bev Crities, Larry and Brenda Filippi, Dick and Helen Snyder.  There may have been others I missed, if so, my apologies.

August 7th, 2010

Saturday, we spent time at the car collection and then some of us went on the river taxi, over to Davenport to lunch at the 12th Prescient.  Then spent Saturday night at the awards banquet.  Several members of our club received awards (see the Lightbox).
Sunday morning, after breakfast, we headed home stopping for lunch at the Sunrise in Byron, where we were informed that the Lawson car show had been cancelled (not true however).
A good time was had by all, to the best of my knowledge.  Click on the next box to view the Lightbox Photo's I shot at the 2010 Zone Meet.  Click Here


Jerry Johnson
RRVCSDC Webmaster