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Spring Tour 2010

Hosts:  Gene Oleson and Loni Wolfram


The spring tour kicked off with breakfast at Jesica's in Roscoe where most of the group gathered.  After breakfast, the group headed to Eagle Wisconsin, to visit "Old World Wisconsin".  In the box below is a clip from their website and a link to that site.

Journey back to the past at Old World Wisconsin — a vivid re-creation of the working farmsteads and settlements
established by European immigrants in America's heartland.

Discover teams of oxen and horses working in the fields, the farm folk preparing hearty meals over wood-burning stoves, and the heirloom plants in well-tended gardens. Stroll through the Crossroads Village and chat with the town blacksmith or the keeper of the general store. Discover the true spirit of early Wisconsin.

Every one seemed to have had a good time and when we finished, it was time to head to East Troy, Wisconsin for "what else, a cruise night at Gus's Drive in.  They placed all of our cars together in the front row.  In the box below is a clip from Gus's website and a link to their site as well.

 Cruise in to Gus's and step back in time. Gus's is a classic 'fabulous fifties' style drive-in restaurant. During the week it's burgers, fries, shakes and custard - plus Saturday Night's at Gus's is the hottest cruise night in South Eastern Wisconsin. Hundreds of cool and crazy rides stack up while classic tune's are spinnin'.

There was a lot of good old iron to be viewed, and when we were finished, everone headed back to our motel, the Country Inn & Suites, were we had a room to our selves to play cards and visit.

The next morning after a grand breakfast at the motel, the group headed off to the "East Troy Electric Railroad museum" for a train ride. IN the box below is a clip from their website and a link to their site also.

East Troy Electric Railroad
Experience a relaxing 10 mile trip through the Wisconsin countryside aboard one of our historicelectric railcars. Begin your trip at either the depot in East Troy or at The Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago.  Learn the history of this 103 year old rail line in the East Troy depot museum. See a scale model trolley layout and browse the gift shop’s array of railroad items and snacks.  Step back in time with a visit to Lauber’s Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor next to the depot. Make sure to peruse the variety of bakery, deli and fresh farm produce at The Elegant Farmer.

After the train ride and short visit to the Elegant Farmers Market, where some of the boys went for a horse ride, the group started for home.  But of coarse because the we are the RRVCSDC/Black Sheep, we could not go home without another meal, so we stopped in Elkhorn, WI were Gene and Loni had arranged pizza at a local pizzaria.

Sharon Stevens snapped a few photo's and I have placed them in a light box for your enjoyment, click the link below to activate the slide show.

Here is a listing of the members attending in no particular order.  I may have missed someone, but it is not intentional, as I have received most of the informaiton second hand.  If you attended and I missed you, use the contact us page of this site and let me know.

Frank & Marsha Drabek - Dean & Mary Logston - Ken & Mary Hagemann - Howard & Evelyn Thomas - Marty & Sue Brackin - Don & Betty Smith - Roger & Jill Kunzelman - Fran & Kathy Tremain - Jack & Van Willis - Ralph & Lesley Stambaugh - Dave and Donna Neiber - Ed & Sharon Stevens - Lon & Kathy Vining - Gene Oleson & Loni Wolfram - Bill Morris (Pierce-Arrow Car Club) - Jay & Bev Crites - Jerry & Carol Malechi - Bob & Janis Givens - Bob Meyers & Margaret Wagnor.  Attending the Cruise Night only, Jerry & Roseann Johnson - Andy & Sherry Aranda - Ruthanne & Kathy Koeshall.

Jerry Johnson

RRVCSDC Webmaster