Rock River Valley Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club

Our Charter, Keeping the Studebaker Marque Alive
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We are going to be using a new photo slide show widget, here are some instructions which might be helpful.
  • When the widget opens in a new window, thumb nails of the photo's will be show.  To start the show, just double click on any thumb nail.
  • After you double click and the show starts, you can stop the auto display (new photo every 4 seconds) by clicking in the middle of the two arrows (left and right arrows), found just above the caption.   This will put the show in manual mode, you can then click either arrow to go forward or backward manually.  Just click again between the control arrows to restart auto mode.
  • There are additional large arrows near the middle of the frame which will be displayed only if you cursor over them.  Just cursor up into the window and they will appear depending on which side of the frame you cursor to.
Click on this link "Fall Tour Slide Show" to see a photo slide show of the tour.