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RRVC of SDC Annual Club Picnic

Hosted by Gordy and Annette Buetsch

Gordy and Annette hosted their annual Studebaker Club picnic on October, 2nd, 2010 at their home. It was the first real fall day of the year, clear and sunny with a high in the mid 50’s. This didn’t discourage the party. At 1:00 p.m. the cars started rolling in. We had a nice variety of Studebakers, classics and street rods, 33 in all. Some folks came in their daily drivers, about 90 people total.

Food was served in the garage. Barbequed beef, hot dogs, pop and beer were furnished. Everyone brought a generous dish to pass. This was better then the “Home Town Buffet”, great food! There was also a cake to celebrate Gordy and Annette’s 40th wedding anniversary. Tables were set-up in the garages and many people enjoyed the warmer kitchen and diner while eating.

Everyone checked out the garages, shop, pole barns, and 60’s style basement. There is a lot of old and rusty projects that still need to be restored. Most of the guys ventured to the neighbors garage and pole barn to check out the old gas station being built, and the old cars, trucks and Volkswagens.

A good time and good food was had by all. The guys got to kick the tires, tried to solve some mechanical problems, and got to talk about old memories. Some of the guys played bean bag toss, but we didn’t hear who the winners were.

Gordy and Annette would like to thank everyone for coming. We enjoy sharing our home with our friends, it was a great time.

Article by: Gordy Buetsch
Comments from your Webmaster:
We were unable to attend Gordy and Annette's picnic this year as we were just getting back from Mayo, but having attended last year, I can tell you this is an annual event you just don't want to miss.  Take a look at the LightBox photo Show, by clicking in the box below to see what you are missing.  I have included several photos from last years event as well as photos from the current event.