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January, February, March, April, May, June  STUDEBAKER FEATURED CAR OF THE MONTH

This 1941 Studebaker President Delux-tone Land Cruiser Sedan was recently purchased by Marty and Sue Brackin.  We know it's a Delux-tone because of the five chrome molding strips seen on both of the front and rear fenders.  Customs trimmed Presidents lacked these fender moldings.
Side bar:
There was actually an accessory, AC-1138 which contained a set of 20 fender trim moldings that could be purchased and added to any 1941 model, including all Champion and Commanders, so technically the presence of this trim does not completely identify Delux-tone.
The car has several items which were added accessories, the two outside front bumper guards, the winguards (AC-1044) on the ends of the front bumpers, the hood ornament (AC-1153), the top fender ornaments, the front fender side ornaments (AC-1154), narrow wheel trim rings (AC-723), and white wall tires.  Hood ornaments, top fender and side fender ornaments were only available after mid-year and were standard items on the new Skyway models.
There were a total of 6,944 Presidents manufactured, but there is no breakdown of production by model that I have access to, or for that matter even exists.  Maybe the Fred Fox Turning Wheels feature article in the April of 1993 issue.  The car is powered by the 250.4 cubic inch straight eight making 117 HP with the return of the 6.5 to 1 compression ratio, and driven by a three speed manual transmission with overdrive. The President was seated on a 125 inch wheelbase making it a fabulous road car.
In 1941 Studebaker manufactured three lines, Champion, Commander, and President in 30 models. Presidents initially came in two models, 4dr Cruising Sedan and 4dr Land Cruiser, in two trim levels Custom and Delux-tone.  At mid-year, the final and top trim level would be released, Skyway.  At that time there would also be a new model, the Coupe Sedan, which would feature an industry first curved single piece windshield. 

 January, February, March, April, May, June BLACK SHEEP FEATURED CAR OF THE MONTH

Jerry and Roseann purchased the Lincoln on November 4th 2013, after a nice test drive, for $6,000.  At the time, the car only had 25,000 miles on the odometer and was in nearly perfect condition in every way.   As they would shortly going to Texas for the winter, the current owner would store the car until spring, so actual possession was sometime in April of 2014.  The car was delivered to Germain Lincoln-Mercury in Naples FL on January 01, 1994 and will have it's 27th birthday shortly.  Johnsons are the cars second owner.
The car has been fairly trouble free, needing only a new radiator and alternator, until just recently. However, this past fall the Air Suspension was retro-fitted with a coil over strut conversion, the rear shocks were replaced, one inner tie-rod replaced, and a rear axle seal installed.
While not extremely rare, only 28,164 Mark VIIII's were made.  This car is painted White Opalescent and has the Opel Gray interior and still to this day has the original Mark VIII front and rear floor mats.  The Mark VIII is capable of getting to 60 MPH in 6.6 seconds and will make 97 MPH in the quarter mile, in 14.7 seconds.  Still, it will make nearly 24 miles per gallon, cruising at a sustained 70 MPH.
Here are some additional facts:
The 1993/1994 Mark VIII is five inches longer and nearly four inches wider than the Mark VII.  The wheelbase is 113.0 inches, 4 inches longer than the Mark VII's.  This makes for greater interior space and ride quality.  Even though its larger, the Mark VIII is lighter than the Mark VII at just over 3,750 pounds. Mark VIII's features unibody construction with a high-strength roof, heavy-gauge steel door beams to protect against side impacts, front and rear crumple zones, dual front-side airbags and four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes.
Suspension & Drive Train: The Mark VIII features short-long arm four-wheel independent suspension, with front and rear stabilizer bars and a standard computer-controlled air suspension system (The latter, automatically lowered the ride height by about one inch after maintaining a speed of at least 55 mph for longer than 45 seconds.)  Power is supplied by an all-new, all-aluminum, 4.6 L DOHC 32-valve V8, making 280 hp at 5500 rpm and 285 lb⋅ft of torque at 4500 rpm.  Behind the engine is the 4R70W 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.  The rear axle ratio is 3.08:1.  Also featured are chrome dual exhaust tips and 16-inch cast aluminum wheels.
Standard Equipment: A140-mph speedometer, electronic message center, automatic climate control, cruise control, leather seats, six-way power seats w/two-position memory, power door locks, heated power mirrors, power windows, keyless entry with remote, automatic headlamps, an AM/FM stereo-cassette radio and an automatic power antenna.
Optional Equipment: Electronic traction assist, electrochromic automatic dimming mirrors, and JBL audio system.

Gasser Wars magazine did the linked story below in one of their issues this summer. They have given us permission to share the article with you as long as we give them credit.  The article was written by Phil Morris.  It is an article about Gordy Buetsch's dragsters and his life long love of the sport.   Click on the link below "Gasser Wars" and enjoy the article in a seperate window. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

The next link will take you to the Gasser Wars Magazine

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